Accelerate Consulting is run by Sean Beirne – business consultant and mentor with extensive experience as MD, CEO and Sales & Marketing roles within SME, Semi-state and MNC business sectors, spanning more than 25 years.

Sean’s practical and hands-on experience in founding, running and supporting multiple successful businesses has helped to support both emerging and established businesses. This has been across a range of technologies and customer markets both nationally and internationally.

He has personally secured multi-million-euro contracts from leading organisations while never losing sight of the bottom line. Firmly believes that maintaining a focus on building and nurturing customer relationships is the key to a successful business. This provides the platform successful businesses require to generate profits and boost revenues.

Your road to business growth starts here. Just get in touch for a no obligation chat and you’ll see the value Accelerate Consulting can bring to your business.

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What we hear from Clients

Is your business keeping you awake at night? Do you feel constantly under pressure, stressed and not fully in control?

Do you find yourself increasingly worrying about cash flow and whether you have enough money to pay staff and suppliers at month end or enough cash in the bank to deal with business emergencies?

If you say yes to any of the above then something’s not right!

Having co-founded and run a successful SME business over the course of 20+ years, Sean has first-hand experience of many of these issues. He can help.

  • How to better focus on your ideal customers – the ones you really love working with and who can truly benefit from what you’re offering.
  • How to do more business with your current customers and how to win new customers
  • How to improve and optimise existing business processes rather than going through the trouble of “reinventing the wheel” every time.

  • Understanding the true value of your product or service and knowing how to project that value correctly, as well as what sets your business apart.

Having an experienced, trusted advisor can provide a much needed external perspective to enable the business to meet its potential.

“I would thoroughly recommend Sean as a business mentor, consultant and strategist who will make a real difference to your business.”

– CEO client

Professional Background

Sean holds a Master’s in Business Practice awarded by UCC and Post-grad Diplomas in Marketing Strategy and International Business Development from IMI.

He’s an experienced Consultant in Enterprise Ireland’s Strategic Marketing Review (SMR) Programme. Sean works works with Enterprise Ireland clients to identify and address persistent challenges and untapped opportunities that are impacting on companies’ rate of international sales growth.

As an El Business Mentor, Sean has mentored more than 30 start-ups and established companies alike across multiple sectors, including SaaS products, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecoms and Automotive to name just a few.

Sean is a Graduate Member of The Marketing Institute, member of The Digital Marketing Institute and Consulting Ireland.

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