Growth Marketing for Sales

Marketing is defined by the ‘father of modern marketing’, Dr. Philip Kotler as “the art of creating genuine customer value. It is the art of helping your customer become better off. The marketer’s watchwords are quality, service, and value.”

Without the best marketing plans, strategies and tactics in place; tailored for your specific market and audience, your sales effort won’t be fully realised.

With digital marketing evolving, marketing strategies to drive sales that worked in the past or even recently, may not work as well today.

Digital and social media

Many small businesses make the mistake of trying to market on all major social media channels – to be frank, that’s a waste of resources. You should only be present on those platforms that your customers and prospects are using – be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Not just social media, but you also need to get your website in order – optimising it with the right keywords and adding content that will not only rank high on Google but resonate immediately with your target audience.

Extensive marketing audit

We’ll conduct a full marketing audit to analyse and evaluate how well your B2B strategies are working, and optimise to deliver on the goals and outcomes you desire.

Marketing and sales collateral audit

We’ll also drill down into all the platforms and systems you’re currently using to target, manage and communicate your products and services to existing as well as perspective customers. After gaining the required insights, we’ll lay out a clear marketing action plan to help drive leads and sales by the numbers.

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Marketing and sales

Do your brochures, PowerPoint decks need a refresh?
Always look at this from the customers perspective!