If you’re looking to better understand how to improve your sanity, sales and operations then this Growth Action Plan(G.A.P.) is definitely for you!

The G.A.P. is a current, overall assessment of the critical elements of your business. It’s a full comprehensive diagnostic on the business and the results will determine how healthy or otherwise it is. Also highlights how to bring about change or improvement to the business. Naturally, staffing, Covid and supply chain issues should be critical planning areas.

We’ll be looking at problems which need to be solved. Identifying who your real customers should be. Analysing the current situation across a number of areas. What’s the timetable to achieve your goals? Some other areas include:

  • Are you making sufficient profit margins?
  • Do you retain your existing customers and win new ones?
  • What if you lost key customers–would the business survive?
  • Plus, many other really important areas for the business.


We’ll arrange a two-hour video meeting date and time to suit, where we’ll go through the issues impacting the business establish the ‘pulse of the business’. This will include any other relevant issues which may be impacting positively or negatively on your business.


1. A written report of our discussion complete with recommendations specifically for your business
2. Next steps Action Plan to address your business issues
3. Recommendations backed by our practical expertise across industry sectors
4. The potential to continue working together
5. A check-in phone call 4 weeks later